The correct pronunciation of “Terrien” is TAIR-ee-uhn (emphasis on the first syllable). The name “Terrien” is French Canadian and means “from the earth.” The domain name “” is derived from the Latin variant “Terrenus”. The dirt pun is somewhat intentional.

The writing style on the home page, error pages, and various other pages is inspired by interactive fiction, especially Colossal Cave Adventure.

The visual style of this website is inspired by the Plan 9 acme editor. The color palette comes from the Emacs theme acme.el, released under GPLv3. (See also the author’s customizations.)

The 3D text logo is generated from Daniel Barrel’s 3D Text Generator. The upstream author grants an automatic license to use generated images: “You can publish the images generated with our tools, even for commercial purposes, all without asking permission.”

The buttons in the footer of the page are collected from various sources, for pure novelty.

The profile picture on the About page was hand-drawn by Kassandra Vasquez, a very talented digital artist. It is used with permission from the original author.