Who on Earth is behind this website?

Kyle Terrien

Kyle Terrien is an ex-PlayStation and ex-Dell software engineer originally from Southern California, specializing in GNU/Linux and other Unix-like systems. He containerizes chaos and gets to the root of the problem. At PlayStation, he worked on PlayStation Plus Premium, where he helped maintain a custom Gentoo-based GNU/Linux image and polished continuous integration pipelines for developers. At Dell, he built a custom orchestration system to configure information appliances.

Kyle holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from California State University, Fullerton, California. Shell, Python, Perl, C, Lisp, Docker, Kubernetes, LXD/Incus, QEMU, systemd, RPM, and Portage are a few of the things with which Kyle has worked. Also, he has an Advanced Communicator Bronze award in the Toastmasters and an unofficial Troll of Puns award.

In his free time, Kyle is known to help out with the occasional free/libre project (e.g. Funtoo Linux), and research all the topics and rabbit-holes that catch his interest, especially programming languages and church history. He hangs out in user groups such as the GoLUG and wherever else there is an abundance of bright people.

If you have an interesting project (or perhaps a fun conspiracy theory), please reach out:

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